Monday, February 2, 2009

We won. Number Six.

That is a personal picture of mine. Just you can see how serious it really is. I am happy that we won and even happier with the way that we did it. The Cardinals showed up and for that I am happy. Wiz had his team RIGHT as he should have seeing as though he is a disciple of Bill Cowher our former coach. What did you expect? Larry played outta his mind in the second half and the future Hall of Famer (Thank goodness none of you knuckleheads in cyberspace can actually vote on it!) Kurt Warner showed why he is one of the game's best. Ben did what Ben does- Spyder from And1 paraphrased. Santonio came back to his home state and showed another homestate boy (Dominique Rodgers-Comartie) what it really does and that this is not Tenn. St. That catch was SIIIIICKKKK!!! The Defensive Player of the Year had the play of the day to me. @ James Harrison.

It was a good game.

Number six baby!!


Uh . . . I'll go as far to say it was the greatest play EVER!!!?!?!

I honestly couldn't argue you with you. They called it that on the NFL Network and their reasons why are all the reasons that I would call it that too.