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Friday, January 30, 2009

OBAMA coming through Newark. And yes it was cold!!

I should have BEEN put these pics up here but I forgot. I put them everywhere else but here. Just in case you don't have access to me anywhere else, here ya go.

History came through my backyard. I had to go out and see it up close and personal.

Old school hit of the day..

To me, LL lost this battle and this is why..

The oldest..

So as you probably don't know, the oldest got a cellie for Christmas. Yes, the 10 year old has a phone! What? Not you, I know YOU didn't allow that, did you? Yes, I gave in. I took a poll of all the kids in her class and they all had one. I mean, I had one when I was little but it wasn't 'parent approved' (that's a whole other post maybe) and honestly any dirt I wanted to do, I did on a landline like that anyway. This way, I can REALLY monitor what is going in her social life as she and her lil friends are stupid enough to TYPE OUT THEIR THOUGHTS. Which leads to this 'shocker' this morning....

Carolinaware to Lil Miss Oldest Ms. Ware- So who is this Joel character that your girl Courtney is GUSHING all over.

Response- It is this girl.....(RECORD SCRATCH)

Carolinaware- WHAT?????

Lil Girl= I mean a boy....

Carolinaware- (Pluks new found gray hairs)

I DAMM NEAR HAD A HEART ATTACK. Here I am worrying about boys not realizing that at that age, they might be liable to do WHATEVER. lol. I almost forgot. They are a lil more open nowadays. So it was a false alarm this morning but a good lesson. A good one indeed.

Morning ya'll. Hope yours wasn't as eventful as mine.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We just saw HISTORY....

Now granted every day that passes is history and we have witnessed plenty before this. Some good some bad. But this RIGHT HERE? This is special. I won't write much due to the fact that everybody will have pulled out every cliche there is to say. Just know that this was a special day. I hope that you got to see it in all it's splendor. Either live or on TV.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Normally on Martin Luther King Jr. day, I write something along the lines of giving thanks but STILL HOPING for that one sign that says his efforts were not in vain. That ONE HUGE SIGN. Today is different though. You know it and I know it. Oh now there have been plenty of other signs of progress. We can now use the public restrooms. Drink at the public fountain. Go just about anywhere we want to sans little pockets here and there in the South. Hold some important positions at work, in sports and even in government. Today however, we can DEFINITELY say that we have something that resembles at least, using a playing cards analogy, the Little Joker. You know his name. I don't have to say it. You know what he is about to do. The WHOLE WORLD knows what he is about to do. We can actually say that TODAY, the 'Dream' is no longer just some speech (as some view it. Not YOURS TRULY). This is why the man has a DAY IN HIS HONOR. He knew of what he spoke. This is proof of that.

Now now now, NOBODY IS SAYING that this is it or that WE HAVE WON and there is no need to fight anymore. No. Let's be CLEAR. This is one very important victory in a war that wages on. We must continue to fight in whatever ways that we all have contributed in the fight to combat all the things that were bought up in Dr. King's speech. We must fight even harder now actually because we are at a critical point. We are no longer at the base of the mountain with permission to climb. We are in the 'dead man zone' where we can't be careless and no one but ourselves can help. It is our turn now. We as a people. ALL PEOPLE. We all can't be President you know but we must continue to contribute in our own way. I am not here to tell you what YOUR WAY is. Only you and God know the answer to that one. Whatever that way is though, after celebrating today and the rest of the week, CONTINUE THAT GOOD FIGHT.

This movement is not COLOR SPECIFIC either. In that speech, while he was certainly the 'voice' for a certain segment, he talked about UNITY for all people. Sure there are certain ethnic groups that may identify with the message but we are ALL NEEDED and he was speaking to all of us. Best believe that! So those of you who aren't on board it isn't too late. This isn't a sports team or American Idol. You can still 'get on the bandwagon'. The hotline did not close when the polls did back in November. It is still open for new applicants. If you want change to happen then get out there with us. Ignore those passionate comments that say otherwise because you are needed too. Those of us who want to see TRUE CHANGE know that in order for that to happen former enemies have to become allies.

The 'Dream' has not been realized yet ya'll. It has just become a little more clearer. Celebrate with all of us today and all the rest of the week but PLEASE DON'T FORGET THE WORK THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. Stop all the whining, complaining and back biting on all sides and FOCUS on what is really important. It is time to keep pushing.

I won't tell you how to spend your day either. That's not my place. Just know that today is TRULY A SPECIAL DAY no matter what side of the fence you sit on.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two days in a row...lol

I just have a very simple question today.

What is it with all of these people who seemed, for lack of a better word, irritated at those who decide to get married?

I am not getting it. I probably could if it was people who actually might have a steady supply of trim and are content with their situation only to have to hear someone's mouth. But it isn't that contingent. It is the 'happily single' folks who are speaking out LOUDLY against it. I cram to understand- MC LYTE

It is quite simple. If you don't like the idea of marriage, quit running up on cats trying to make them change YOUR MIND. You don't have to get married. It's okay. No one is going to shoot you or shun you.

On a brighter note, the President elect will be passing through my area on the way to D.C. I am planning on going. Hopefully I will still be up to writing on here and I can tell you all about it. Maybe I will get a better picture than the one above of him this time...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well...Let me see how much I can cover since

I last posted.

My father damm near went into a diabetic coma in November. He is aight right now, thanks for asking.

Plaxico is an idiot. Period. C'mon fam, handle your affairs.

My TEAM IS STILL ALIVE. Oh if you know me, you KNOW WHO MY TEAM IS. Next up. Baltimore. (More on that later.)

We won. I wasn't going to blog too much about that 'cause it has been blogged about TOO DEATH. I will type about it from here forward though.

I am still 'here'. That is a shoutout to the someone who is probably wondering is he dead? Did he give up? No. I am still here. It is what it is.

I just had a birthday. My lil girl did too. I have some vids and they may make their way here. Depends on the audience and all of that mess. (Wait, nobody reads my blogs 'cause I don't blog enough. Duh.....lol)

Still writing. I have enough stuff for two books actually.

Okay, that is all I can think of for now. I am sure there is more but I just don't feel like talking about all that. Let's focus on current stuff.

This Facebook thing has finally GOT ME. I am on it and I 'get it' now. Someone at another place I frequent bought up an interesting topic in regards to it though.

Family. In particular parents on Facebook.

I personally am fortunate 'cause my parents have ZERO interest in a social network. Yes, they DEFINITELY use the Internet but they aren't uploading pictures to a profile. Nor am I encourging them too do so. I will say that I do have older cousins (as my family is HUGE) that are starting to marticulate their way to the site. I do see THIS AS AN ISSUE. Well, I take that back. It COULD be an issue if I didn't know how to set up the account to limit their access.

Now I am a parent myself so I supposed that some point, my being in the 'cyber' world will undoubtly be frowned upon by my kids. I know it. Thing is I don't care and unless it is for parental purposes, I have no DESIRE to be all up in their personal business when they are adults. So for the life of me I can't figure out any older person (read: parental type figure to a person) desire to 'friend' anyone younger on a social network. All that is going to happen is that you are going to see, hear and witness sh#t that you DON'T WANT TO KNOW. Do you really want to see your niece with #ss up in the air posing for the camera with a bottle of Vodka in her hand? Welp, if you sign up to friend her, that is a GREAT POSSIBILITY. You can't get mad either 'cause chances are 15 years ago (hell maybe even now on the right night) THAT WAS YOU. You gotta think FOR YOUR UNDERLYINGS sometimes and really stop and say "Do I want THIS MUCH ACCESS to what you are doing?" These things are very personal. It is one thing to share them with a 'non stranger' that you have never officially met who lives in Cali. It is an entirely other thing to share it with your Uncle who you will have to sit across from at the annual Easter dinner. Think people!! That's all I am saying. On both sides. Use the personal account controls. It is free you know!!!