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Thursday, December 31, 2009

My guilty pleasure show..REHAB: Party At The Hard Rock

The one gal they give the most 'grief' to and who has the 'issues' is the best one on there. Julia..

Nicki Hoopz Alexander and Ocho Cinco....

Well alright..- Lil Wayne on Maybach Music 2

Not that Mike Leach is an angel or could not have

been wrong...

I just need to know more of the story. As a parent, I do understand that you are to side with your child, take care of children and all of that. Also AS A PARENT having went to my child's (I have three) defense only to find there is MORE TO THE STORY, I have to ask, "What else happened?" There is more to this story. Sorry. When did the young boy get hurt exactly? Was he being punished for some other things? If he did get put in the shed the first day, why IN THE HELL DID HE GO BACK THE SECOND DAY? Especially if he knew he was being wronged? I think that a lot of you may not understand JUST EXACTLY who his Dad is. @ the kid involved. Not only is he an ESPN analyst but umm...

..this is him and Eric Dickerson. Yes, THAT Eric Dickerson. So he is a big deal in college football. It makes me wonder whether his pull, those contract negotiations and other factors did not play into this firing. Just saying...

As for the one kid who spoke IMMEDIATELY, despite being told NOT TO TALK TO THE MEDIA, that is Adam's best friend on the team. You think about that for a second....@ his comments and relationship to Adam.

Again, I am not saying Leach is right or wrong right now. I am just saying something it amiss. This is the school that hired Bob Knight as their Men's basketball coach at one time VERY RECENTLY.

Tell you what? Read this here....A piece of said article..


Leach is more complicated than he seems, and so are the events that led to his firing. His relationship with university officials has been contentious. While they may well have had just cause to fire him, there is also some compelling evidence that they may have judged him unfairly.

Several current and former players have come forward to attest that he's a humane teacher. "Leach has unusual methods for doing things a lot of times, but he's never cruel and never out of line in doing them," former offensive lineman Cody Campbell told the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. It turns out the alleged torture chambers were an equipment garage and an auxiliary room, where injured players are often sent to rest or do calisthenics, and where James had access to trainers and ice. "It's not like its some dungeon," former lineman Glenn January said.

It turns out Leach has a policy that requires injured players to remain close by at practice "to let everybody know they're not going to stand around and do nothing," January added. And it turns out that James was examined by a school physician named Michael Phy who, according to ESPN.com, wrote a memo stating "no additional risks or harm were imposed on Adam [James] by what he was asked to do." Which amounted to standing alone in a room for a couple of hours. Standing in a low-light environment hardly seems like a menace to his health.

Two days before the concussion, Leach and his staff apparently disciplined James for poor effort during drills. Leach contends that this, and a lack of playing time, led the James family to resent his handling of the player. James's habits and attitude have also been questioned by his teammates. CBSSports.com acquired an e-mail to Tech authorities from former wide receiver Eric Morris, who said that James "was never known as a hard worker" and "seemed to have a negative attitude toward the football program the majority of the time." Receivers coach Lincoln Riley also wrote a memo in support of Leach to the administration, obtained by ESPN.com, in which he referred to the player as "unusually lazy and entitled."

It also turns out university administrators have quarreled repeatedly with Leach over his contract demands, and may have been looking for a reason to get out of paying him a $800,000 bonus he was due on Thursday if he were still the head coach at Texas Tech.

THIS was the 'more' to the story that I was looking for. I wanted to know about this 'building'/'shed'/whatever. Was this routine? Was there access to water and ice? Things like that...Look, I am all for humane treatment. But the pussyfication of dudes has to stop. he is a football player. I am wondering if this cat went over and complained about getting contact, if he couldn't stay in a non plush room with all his usual amenities? That cat wasn't locked up in slave quarters. He wasn't put in a room with holes in the floors, field mice running around or in a pile of feces. So lets stop with the dramatics man. For real. This is sickening. If he had a concussion over a month ago, what was he EVEN DOING near the field if he still had ill effects from it? Not only that, he taped it. He wasn't that bad off now was he?

(Gives the side eye)

Here is what some of his former players/coaches are saying...(Thanks Mike Frier)

Mike Leach is getting hammered by the media for not showing any sympathy for his discipline of Adam James, son of ESPN’s Craig James. The networks have been one-sided in their coverage of the story. Quotes are coming out everywhere in support of Texas Tech and their decision to terminate head coach Mike Leach.

What they are not showing you is the quotes from former Texas Tech players and coaches who support Leach and state that James was a spoiled, lazy kid who was just looking to get back at the coaching staff.

Dennis Dodd of CBSSports.com released in his blog some e-mails that were sent.

Here are some examples of the players opinion of Adam James:

Two days prior to the incident in question, I disciplined Adam James along with several other recievers. His attitude was poor the entire time; even with constant plees for improvement. By the end of the practice, a few of the other recievers accepted their lack of performance in the previous practice and worked harder. Adam was not one of these individuals. He was last on all the excercises asked to do and talked and “danced” during the discipline. When told that this was unacceptable, he simply shrugged his shoulders. I continued to encourge him with no success.

Bennie Wylie
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Texas Tech University

To whom it may concern:

You can find out a lot about a person after playing three years of college football with them. Adam James was a teammate of mine from 2006-2009. Ever since the day he arrived on the Texas Tech campus you couldn’t help but to feel a negative energy from him. He expected people to baby him and that he was going make it solely on the fact that his father was a very successful player. Coach Leach has never been a coach to just give something to someone because of who they are. He believes that everyone is equal and you have to earn respect from your coaches and teammates. Adam was never known as a hard worker. I can honestly agree with this because we played the same position and I witnessed his laziness on a daily bases. Adam seemed to have a negative attitude towards the football program the majority of the time. That negative energy is never good for a team and can cause some major problems on and off the field. During practices, Adam always tried to get by with doing the least he possibly could. Never do I once remember Adam to be excited or enthusiastic to be out there. It was almost like he was playing the game of football to please someone other than himself.


Eric Morris [Former Texas Tech wide receiver]

To Whom It May Concern:

Texas Tech University and the athletic department is filled with great people from the top down, starting with the chancellor all the way down to the student athletes involved in the programs. In the football program, Gerald Myers and the rest of the administration have put together an unbelievable staff that believe success only comes from hard work and doing things right. The staff expects the players and everyone involved to buy into their beliefs, but like anywhere not every player agrees with or buys into what the coaches and program stand for. At Texas Tech the majority of the players do everything the coaches ask of them and anything possible to improve the team. Adam James is one of the few players who has never bought into what Texas Tech football was built on and in my years there with him had a negative impact on the team because of his attitude and work ethic on and off the field. Coach Leach demands a lot out of every player in the program and pushed his players and coaches as hard as any coach I have ever been around, but he is fair to every player and would never make and decision or action that is not best for the Texas Tech football program.

Before Adam James ever entered the football locker room at Texas Tech I heard how spoiled and selfish he acted in a team atmosphere from many of my baseball friends. Adam was on the baseball team his true freshman year at Tech, before he ever joined the football team, and did not make it through the baseball season because of his selfish attitude. After a baseball game in which he felt like he did not get enough playing time, but the team still won twenty to one, he came into the locker room after the game and “pouted and threw a big fit” according another player on the baseball team. A few weeks later in the middle of the season, he just stopped showing up to practices or game and quit because he was not happy about how he was being treated. One of my roommates was a baseball player on the team and many of my friends were a part of the team that witnessed all of this. These baseball players told me he was “spoiled and selfish” before he ever came to the football team. After quitting baseball he came out for football and his selfish attitude was very evident, as was his laziness. During off-season workouts he often would be caught skipping lifts in the weight room or finding ways to cut corners/get out of conditioning exercises. When we had player organized seven on seven throwing in the summer, when he would show up he was much more interested in playing his own games on the side of the field or telling people that he wasn’t going to run any routes because the coaches do not get him a “fair opportunity” anyway. During the season he was often “injured” (it usually seemed like a very minor injury that could keep him out of practice but never out of any other activity, including games) so he would not participate in some drills in practice. None of these acts were productive for our team, but the most detrimental part of Adam was his off field attitude and actions. In the locker room and away from the facility, Adam used any opportunity he had to tell other players how he was being treated unfairly, how the coaches did not give him a fair chance and how we did not have to do everything the coaches told us because they had no option but to play some of us. When I heard these kinds of things I usually tried to put an end to them but Adam pretty consistently talked bad about the coaches or down played the importance of working hard, when he was off the field. When he talked to young players or players that were usually on the scout he would explain how the coaches were not fair to certain players and only played favorites. When he talked to players that did get some playing time he would talk about how we didn’t really have to do what the coaches asked of us because the coaches had to play us anyway. And it almost always tied back to how he was not getting a fair chance to play just because the coaches were unfair. The coaches were always more than fair to Adam I felt, because he came in the game during certain formations and situations last football season, but because of his work ethic and attitude, many of the players on last years team had a hard time trusting him or relying on him because he was not always practicing and we had seen his laziness during the off-season. Adam was a kid that seemed like he had been given everything he wanted his whole life and acted like if things did not go exactly how he wanted someone was treating him unfairly or someone needed to be blamed for his failures. He was a selfish player on and off the field that was counter-productive for our team and would be for any other team.

Mike Leach was not only my head coach, but he was my position coach all five of my years at Texas Tech. I spent more time with him than any other player during my five years and had meetings with him every day. He was very hard on me and every other player in program and he held very high expectations for every player. He would push us all every day during the season and during the off-season. He felt that hard work, dedication and doing things right was the only way we could be successful and compete in the Big XII conference. He worked harder and longer than anyone else in program and was committed to winning at all cost. He would never have been unfair to a player or not played the best players he had because he wanted to win more than anything else. Coach Leach also expected us to be tough but smart at the same time. He would not pressure a kid to play with a serious injury or play when he did not feel ready to play. Coach Leach is a man that cares about his player and puts his players, coaches and the well being of the Texas Tech football program above all else.

Coach Leach is a great coach at Texas Tech that emphasizes the importance of hard work and doing things the right way so that the football program has the best opportunity possible to be successful. He, along with the administration and the rest of his staff, have built a great football program at Texas Tech that is built on the virtues and principles that give any program an opportunity to be successful. Every single player may not buy into the program’s beliefs, but Mike Leach has almost everyone on board with him and the Texas Tech football program on a successful track.

Graham Harrell [Former Texas Tech quarterback]

There are more in that link...Two sides to every story I tell ya...Well, three. His, theirs, and the truth. Only one side is being shown on ESPN though. (Have not watched the other channels to be able to comment on them yet)

When keeping it real goes wrong PT. 222332322

That 'the cops are stupid and they will never know it is me' routine only works in barbershop tales, bad B movies and songs. @ taping this and then releasing it to the Internet.

Here's your sign- Jeff Foxworthy

I always miss this show. Vivica Fox on 50 Cent. Monique's Show

In case you missed it too...(Oh, you thought I was putting these clips up to brag about seeing 'em? No. I know I can't be the only one who misses stuff on TV all the time. I watch it but not THAT DAMM MUCH.)

I hear ya'll out there.

'She's acting..."
Yeah, 'cause she has no feelings at all..lol I know, she is a celeb. She can't possibly have feelings and shit and you are just all up in her head and know her SO WELL. Neither one of us 'know her' so I guess we can both agree to disagree.

NBA..Lebron's a fool for this one..lol

Hadn't won on his birthday in awhile. Drops 48 and wins. Not bad. lol. He better had won after that intro they did...Good job. At least ATL put up a fight this time in the last quarter.

No Tyreke. Ankle hurt. Sixers win behind AI's 20 and AI2's damm near triple double. I was just asking myself "When is Rodney Carney gonna show up?" He does in these highlights.

The C's are hurting right now....

Top Ten plays..Here lately, Jason 'White Chocolate" Williams has been showing his entire ass out there. The Lewisville, NC boy putting Carlos Arroyo on spin cycle and a miracle shot.

More of the Mercedes SLS AMG...

I showed pictures of the car HERE. Here is some footage, in case you somehow doubt it exists.



Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Now she is everybody's pick for Vixen of the Year.

Like the choice was hard or something..lol No name needed at this point. She shares them with us and I share them with you. That is how it goes.

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Now this looks like a good time.....

My boys at OT Records are throwing a concert. A tribute concert for the boy Tega Montana. Shizz WILL BE PERFORMING THAT NIGHT along with Meek Millz. Yes, THAT MEEK MILLZ.

The whole OT Records roster should be in attendance. If you live in the area and have never seen Sea..I mean Shizz Nitty perform, COME AND DO SO.@ those of you still saying "Is that REALLY HIM? No way! It can't be the same guy I ....".

You won't be disappointed.

You never know, Shizz Nitty might have a couple of surprises for you. Come on out if you can. I know I will even try to come out. (I don't come out often. lol)

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(Words, Grown Folks Talk) Oh it is THAT time of year again....

The time of year when we look back at the year's biggest, brightest, dumbest, and all the other 'est' that the year has had to offer. (Hell I might make a 'best of' list sometime. Who knows? No 'worst of' though.) In this case, we are closing out a decade so it is maximized even further. Best of the decade lists. Worst of the decade lists.

We reflect over what we have done, the things that transpired and what we vow to do better. Then we make these lovely proclamations about what we are going to do. Well, some of us do. For some, this is the only way we will even ATTEMPT to do what it is we deem 'essential' to do to improve our existence.

For others, like me, we prefer to move in silence. Not so much to save face but quite the opposite. To SEE THE LOOK ON FACES when the improvements that WE KNEW WE WANTED TO MAKE comes to fruition. I won't sit here and wax philosophical about not being motivated by others in any way, shape, form or fashion. That is foolish. For without people to see it, improvement will never get noticed. I am a human. I would like SOMEONE to see it and recognize it. No. That is not what I am saying. What I am saying is that the threat of failure in your eyes does not motivate me. The only threat of failure that motivates me is me failing myself. Period. I could NOT ALWAYS SAY THAT with certainty as like most of you, I was bought up on what I call 'straddling the fence' mentality. Not just at home per say but by the SOCIETY AS A WHOLE. "Do it for yourself" on one hand swiftly followed by the oxymoron of them all "You are what people think of you.." type of mottos. Now if that is not confusing, I don't know what is. I mean, lets face it, I do ONE THING WRONG and I am a disappointment/failure/insert word to you. Never to recover from my fall of grace in your eyes. Correct? Right. If I can forgive myself for disappointing MYSELF, I may be better equipped to forgive others. A lesson, some of you have CLEARLY have not learned. You haven't forgiven yourself, people haven't forgiven you for your misgivings and thus we have one big cycle of NONFORGIVENESS that is permeating our society. Some of you DON'T KNOW how to forgive. It is time you learned how to at least try.

Alone, each of the above statements make PERFECT sense. Combining the two, however, is pretty tricky depending on the situation. (I can think of plenty that will test the limits of each theory if you combine them. Marriage. Job. Children. Etc, etc, etc) You have to pick one, I believe. That is just MY personal belief. I don't expect you to follow it. Do what you do. I am NOT HERE TO CHANGE YOUR MIND. Just to give you a little insight on why I do what I do. So yeah, I will TRY to keep the "I'm going to do this in '10..." rants to a minimum. I might speak on what is going to happen WITH THE BLOG but me personally? Minimum. It is not that I don't have the drive or a list of things to do. I do. In spades actually. It is that I will be a little busy trying to make them happen and a lot less busy trying to convince you or anyone else that I am going to do them. Which is what I see a lot of people doing. Wasting their time trying to appear to the World that they are dedicated to change. Along with the World's stupid self defecating attitude that it is somehow owed these declarations. Please. As if 3/4ths of those involved in your world REALLY give a shit about you to the point that it is THAT IMPORTANT that you succeed. Yeah right.

Oh, I sound bitter? Ha. Isn't that you I hear gossiping about your co-workers failings? Your brother's mother of his children. That whore of a girlfriend (your words...not mine) you hang around with. Wasn't that you talking about Tiger and his women and passing judgment? Oh yeah...That was you. So don't tell me you don't revel in the pain of others or I sound bitter. For some of you, others pain is your elixir to your own and it is poisoning you. Yet you don't even know it. You perk up and get REAL EMOTIONAL at the very mention of another person's failures. Quick to hand people their 'L's" in life over stupid shit. Ready to declare lives ruined over stuff that quite frankly HAS BEEN HAPPENING OVER THE COURSE OF TIME. Just because you chose to ignore it and now you can see it affect someone close to you, it is the end all be all. Not realizing more people have done it, overcome it, did AGAIN and overcome it again RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR 'CHILDLIKE' EYES. (There is a STRONG HINT THERE. Take it.) You remember when we were little and those adults in your lives told you "You don't know everything.."? Newsflash! They were alluding to some of the things that some of you are JUST NOW finding out about now. The things that some of you think are exclusive to star athletes, those 'other people' over there who are somehow more flawed than you and whatnot. I see some of you didn't take the hint. In hindsight, while they were trying to protect us, I wish they had not. I wish they would have just came out and said it. 'Cause a lot of you are clueless. Getting butt hurt upon finding out your parents are human and made some of the same bad mistakes that you are out here clowning people for now. Giving people Scarlett letters like Hester Prynne (if you are as smart as you think you are then you KNOW who she is...) when your mother was no saint. When your 'role model Dad', was out doing his thing. Oh you thought them arguments they were having were about the grass not being cut or his steak being cold? Oops. My bad. You stay in fantasy land. Let the rest of us know when you are ready to come to the real world. Before you go around ostracizing others for their transgressions, you MIGHT WANT TO LOOK AROUND AT THOSE that made you who you are and do your research. Like Snoop said on Dre Day.."When you diss Dre, you diss yourself...mofos.." @ what 99 percent of you are out there doing with all this 'outing'/ostracizing/and out and judgments of people you don't even KNOW in most cases or do know and you have done dirt WITH YOURSELF. Like I said in a post earlier this year, why do you think when older people get news on these types of things, they are not surprised or all up in arms? (Chuckles)

You don't discriminate though, I will give you that. You shit on your friends too. Quickly even. So yeah, miss me with that "Not me..I don't want to see my friends do bad..." shit. Your actions are telling man. Unfortunately, it is not just exclusive to woman either. Some of these ni##as is bitches too and some of these ni##as look just like you...-Snoop. Which is sad.

You want to make a 'New Year's resolution'? Make that trait go away. For good. Don't declare it for me either. Hell, don't even tell me (or the rest of us) that you made it. Just DO IT. Maybe then, all the other things that you want to concentrate on will get your full undivided attention and you won't have to stop doing them by mid Feb/March. (Yes, I am talking about a couple of specific resolutions I see people make.) You can spend your energy doing something else.

I know..I know..Some of you live in a World so cut and dry, so black and white that NONE of this applies to you. Good for you. Hope it continues. The odds are against you though....

Before you fix your font to come at me about what I just wrote remember these things.

I don't bitch and moan in my timelines on ANY SITE you see me on. Nor do I do so in person. That doesn't mean shit is sweet. It is not. Occasionally, (That means with months and months of time gone by between each occurrence for you slow people) I MIGHT HINT AT SOMETHING. That's it. Then, whatever I am dealing with, I get to solving it. Period. If it is recurring problem, I REALLY DON'T TALK ABOUT IT. lol So don't come at me with the "Well you do it..." shit. I don't.

I am just the messenger. Even though in this case, I am not a main culprit of doing said things, I HAVE DONE THEM (and more) and I try really hard not to do them. Hence the first paragraph. Don't shoot the messenger. Just take the message and do what you will with it.

Don't worry about whether or not me typing this makes me too invested either. I typed it and let go. It was on my mind and I let it off. Unlike you and some of the very things I spoke on up top. Some of you are typing Tiger jokes (or texting about that all those people in your life you constantly talk about)RIGHT NOW in your cells, Facebook status, or Twitters...So who is too invested again?

Sorry for cussing...- Jeezy

Have a great year.


Excerpts from Mike Tomlin's press conference on Dec. 29th

Just in case you missed the video of it on TV. You can read all of what he said...Like he said though, we have to WIN THE GAME FIRST before we can even begin to worry about what Cincy or anyone else will do. All scenarios have us having to WIN THE GAME before we can think about it. We did this to ourselves! So there will be no crying. All I want is a win. I want a 9-7 record. The rest will be whatever it is going to be. Period. I will say this though. Nary one of them teams want us IN THE TOURNAMENT. I tell you that. They don't want to have to play us. Even with our losses to mediocre teams.

Mike Tomlin, coach, Pittsburgh Steelers

In reference to the game, not a dominant performance by any stretch, but made the necessary plays at timely moments to deliver a victory. I thought the sequence of events prior to the half was big offensively. Of course, I thought the sequence of events on third and fourth down with the pressure provided by LaMarr Woodley late in the game was significant. We aspire to be dominant. When we’re not, we need those kinds of timely plays to get victory.

Not talking a lot about the playoff scenarios because we put ourselves in this situation so we’ll deal with it the best way we know how. We’re going to focus on the things we can control. All the scenarios include us winning, so that’s our focus.

Looking at some injury things, we’ve got a laundry list of bumps and bruises. Rocky Boiman has a calf strain. He could be limited at the early part of the week. Willie Parker has a shoulder sublexation. He’s definitely going to be out tomorrow (Wednesday). We’ll see how he improves as the week goes on. Brett Keisel’s still experiencing discomfort involving his stingers. Chris Kemoeatu still has significant weakness in his wrist. Hopefully we’ll get him some work the latter part of the week and see if he can be able to play. Troy (Polamalu) ran yesterday in a straight line. He’s doing the same thing right now as we speak. Maybe he’ll practice in a limited capacity, but we’re taking it day by day in terms of how he responds to the workouts. Yesterday was a positive step. We’ll find out about today when I’m done here and then we’ll move on from there. The door’s not closed on him participating.

Let’s talk about the Dolphins for a few minutes. Offensively, Ricky Williams is their guy; he’s a thousand-yard rusher, very talented guy, does a lot of things running, catching. (Chad) Henne spreads the ball around to a lot of people, (Davone) Bess, (Ted) Ginn, (Brian) Hartline and others. They’re very good at the screen game, wide receivers and running backs. They employ the bunch (formation). Quick passing is a part of their game. Very good on third down; on the season I think they’re in the upper 40 percent range, probably has them in the top part of the league in that category. They average 32, 33 minutes time of possession per game. When you’re converting third downs and dominating time of possession, you’re going to be in a lot of football games and they’re in just about every one you turn on.

Defensively, they’re led by (Joey) Porter and (Jason) Taylor, their outside pressure men. Both guys are active career NFL sack leaders. The tape justifies that. They apply big-time pressure on the quarterback. Their corner tandem -- young guys Vontae Davis and (Steve) Smith, starting as rookies – (is) playing beyond their years. Vontae, of course, is a very talented and physical guy. He’s got four interceptions. Smith is a big guy, 6-3, very tough to drop balls in on both guys because of their stature and the way they play the game, a very physical nature. Just got word Channing Crowder is out for the year, so there will be some turnover in the interior of their linebacking corps. But they’re a rock-solid defense. They come from a lot of angles. Coach (Paul) Pasqualoni does an awesome job with those guys, highlighted by outside linebacker play and corner play.

Of course, we’ve got to be ready to deal with Ted Ginn, Jr., not only as a wideout, but also in the return game. We’re disappointed with that return to midfield late in that game Sunday, giving their offense the short field. Our defense thankfully stood up and preserved the lead, but that was a hairy moment. We could have some more hairy moments kicking the ball to Ted Ginn, Jr. We’ve got to be on the screws in regards to that. Of course, we got a shot in the arm from our own return game with Stefan Logan.

Q: You played your QB in a game that had no meaning last year in the last game. What’s your feeling on teams that are already in and don’t play all their starters?

A: I really have no opinion. I trust that those coaches are going to do what they feel is best for their football teams. I’m going to do what’s best for mine. Very rarely do I pass judgment on decision-making of other coaches in regards to other teams, because I don’t have a pulse on their group, what they need. I’m sure those guys do.

Q: Is there any sense of obligation on the part of a head coach for the integrity of other teams who are vying for playoff spots?

A: I think we’re all competitors and we play to win. I know I do. Every time we come out of that tunnel that’s the intent. The ramifications, in regard to other teams, is irrelevant to me. It’s more about the people that I come out of the tunnel with and our commitment to this organization, our fans, and our community, so when we come out we play to win.

Q: Is this the first time Troy has been able to straight-line run?

A: I think he did a little bit of straight-line running last week. He’s been running in the pool. He’s just progressing, trying to get ready, hopefully to play.

Q: Is being able to cut going to decide whether he can play?

A: Yeah, no question. The unanticipated movement that comes with playing football, changing direction, dropping your weight and so forth, will be critical in him getting clearance to play. Absolutely.

Q: How’s Hines Ward doing?

A: Hines is miserable, but I’m going to save a seat on the bus for him. He’s got two hamstrings and a myriad of other issues. It gives him a bad disposition, but he’ll show.

Q: Did he injure the second hamstring compensating for the first?

A: I’m sure in some form or fashion, but that’s Hines. He’s going to leave it out on the field. He’s going to give us everything he has. He was lying on the table down there with two icebags on his hamstrings when I walked it to check on him, and he was in his usual good spirits.

Q: How would you assess your return game?

A: It’s been consistently good from a kickoff standpoint all year. We haven’t had the house call but it’s been consistently good. It’s provided us quality field position. It’s been a shot in the arm. It’s been a positive. I think the punt return game has improved of late, which is encouraging. But we’re growing by leaps and bounds with Stefan, and I think a lot of it has to do with understanding him, what he does well, and establishing continuity between him and the guys blocking for him.

Q: When the officials told you Derrick Mason’s incompletion would be ruled incomplete even if it was reviewed, doesn’t that go against the spirit of instant replay?

A: I appreciated the information about that because it saved me a timeout. I didn’t necessarily like it, but I appreciated the information.

Q: Was that the referee who told you that?

A: Yes.

Q: Was Ben Roethlisberger out of the pocket when the illegal contact by Frank Walker occurred?

A: He was in the pocket when the infraction occurred. I watched the tape. Ben saw the flag when he worked back to his left and assumed, because of the location, that it was a defensive penalty, so he took a shot downfield. He was aware of the penalty prior to letting go of the football.

Q: Why did you call a pass play there?

A: We thought we could move the chains. We didn’t want to give them the ball back.

Q: Did your experience against the Wildcat against the Browns help? And how much time will you have to spend on it this week?

A: It does, but we didn’t wait till we played Cleveland or in anticipation of this game to prepare for it. It’s something that we started in the off-season because this is a copycat league and that we would see more of it. Preparation is one thing; play is another. We’ll see how we perform against it.

Q: Do they use less of it without Ronnie Brown?

A: Yes they do. They use less. They employ Pat White some in there at quarterback. Of course they have some direct snaps to Ricky Williams as well. But it’s not what it was with Ronnie Brown. Shoot that’s the case for anybody else in the league that has it. Unless you’ve got Ronnie Brown or Josh Cribbs, it’s not quite as effective.

Q: Are you disappointed in your run defense of late?

It’s been disappointing but we found a way to win the game and that’s ultimately what we aspire to do. We realize if we stop the run and make teams one-dimensional it increases our chances of winning. That’s why it’s been disappointing.

Q: What can you do to get the ball out to Mike Wallace?

A: Throw it early. He can run. He runs by people. He’s a talented guy. He provides timely plays for us, and he has for the better part of the year. He’s shown great maturity. He doesn’t ride the emotional roller coaster. He’s pretty consistent from a personality standpoint in terms of respecting the preparation process. Some games he gets a bunch of opportunities, some he doesn’t get as many, but he’s the same guy every day and those are some of the things we appreciate about him.

Q: Were you as confident in him when you saw him in offseason workouts and training camp?

A: Really it’s about training camp. Football is played in pads. A lot of guys look fast running around in the spring in shorts. He did, but he looked fast in pads. He wasn’t intimidated when he got sticky, if you know what I mean. He’s a mature football player.

Q: You still need help if you win. If you win in Miami, would you be disappointed if the Bengals don’t go all out to beat the Jets Sunday night?

A: I could care less how the Bengals approach what it is they do. This is our bed. We’re going to lay in it. We created this situation. What we are going to do is control what we can control, and that’s our preparation of play for the game. We’re not going to cry over spilled milk. If there’s any level of disappointment in terms of how this thing unfolds, it’s going to be on us.

Sanaa Lathan video.

Giving her opinion on privacy as a celeb...


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Very interesting read on the History of the Blackberry...

I will post part of it up and then link you to the rest...Deal? Good!

The year is 1999. Bill Clinton is the President of the United States, gas is 94 cents a gallon, Bondi Blue iMacs are a staple in dorm rooms across the country, and Microsoft is trying to bring the desktop Windows experience to the pocket, pushing its Palm-size PC concept (after Palm had quashed the original "Palm PC" branding) on a world still feeling jilted by the failures of the Apple Newton. 3Com subsidiary Palm and its heavyweight licensee Handspring have figured out something interesting about the still-nascent PDA market, though: people like simplicity. If an electronic organizer does what it says it's going to do, keeps your information in sync with your PC, runs for forever and a day on a single set of batteries, and does it all with a minimum of fuss, people will buy. It's an exciting, challenging, and rapidly-changing era in the mobile business.

It's the network, stupid

This is the landscape Canadian start-up Research In Motion faced at the tail end of the millennium. It seemed clear that "staying connected on the road" was the Next Big Thing -- email had finally started to become a standard in corporate communication, after all -- but the roadblocks were many and formidable. "Always on" cellular technologies like GPRS and 1xRTT weren't yet readily available, and circuit-switched data running over pervasive D-AMPS and CDMA networks was painfully slow and expensive -- not to mention a death wish for battery life.

Manufacturers and service providers took a two-pronged approach to overcoming the limitations: one, keep data consumption modest; and two, bypass the traditional cellphone networks altogether. Two-way paging networks like ReFLEX didn't have the bandwidth to handle the data demands of a late 1990s-era PDA with a big display, but DataTAC and Mobitex networks -- running at a blistering 19.2Kbps and 8Kbps, respectively -- were already widely deployed across North America. Neither technology had been conceived with consumer use in mind, but they were robust, proven, and most importantly, available.

Palm takes a leap of faith -- and falls flat

Riding a wave of commercial successes, Palm saw the writing on the wall and plunged head-first into the connected market with its Palm VII, which used a Mobitex-based service called Palm.net to offer bite-sized chunks of relevant data -- news headlines, weather, email, flight times, and the like -- on a device that resembled an overgrown Palm III with a flip-up antenna. The product was troubled from the start. Though Palm.net's heart-stoppingly expensive monthly pricing wasn't necessarily an issue for the business-minded target audience, the device relied on proprietary "web clippings" from content providers to reduce data consumption; if your favorite newspaper didn't work with Palm to develop a web clipping app, you were stuck using the shoddy WAP browser. What's more, despite its whopping $599 sticker price, it failed to borrow from the high-end Palm V's legendary industrial design. Palm hobbled along with two more Palm.net-compatible models, the VIIx and i705, before the GSM-based Tungsten W along with Treos obtained through its acquisition of Handspring overshadowed the dedicated network and doomed it to closure in 2004.

The BlackBerrys aren't ripe yet in Waterloo

Palm, of course, didn't need the Palm VII to succeed. The company would go on to see plenty of success from its traditional PDA business and -- eventually, anyway -- the Treo smartphones it was able to add to the line through its acquisition of Handspring. Meanwhile, the always-on, always-connected market was still waiting to be won, and RIM was perfectly positioned to take the prize. It had been making Mobitex radio modules for industrial systems for many years, and in 1995 had introduced its Inter@ctive Pager 900 -- a fairly revolutionary product that promised two-way email communication from a device small enough to fit on a belt holster. The technology was there -- RIM merely had to wait for email to become business-critical while working on making its hardware smaller, sexier, and ultimately, indispensable to anyone who picked it up.

In 1998, the Inter@ctive Pager 900 -- a bulky brick with a flip-top display -- was succeeded by the smaller Inter@ctive Pager 950. As its name implied, RIM considered the 900 and 950 pagers first, emailing devices second; paging was still a force to be reckoned with in the mid-90s (SMS was yet to become relevant in North America) and the company needed to identify with the paging crowd in order to find an audience. Indeed, RIM's own press release for the 950 proudly declared the device a "revolutionary two-way pager that allows users to both send and receive full-length, error-free, alphanumeric messages with guaranteed delivery."

The 950 retailed for $360 with plans starting at $25 a month through BellSouth, one of several companies that would ultimately become Cingular (and eventually AT&T Mobility, though Cingular's Mobitex network -- Cingular Interactive -- would be sold off prior to the name change). That pricing put the device well within the reach of any company who needed its employees a page (or an email) away. RIM estimated that some 80 percent of pages required a response -- and at a time when one-way pagers still dominated the belts of field techs, executives, and doctors, the 950 was priced right to steal some of that market. Even better, the 950 was barely larger than those one-way devices it sought to displace.

A legendary brand emerges

In early 1999, RIM was in fat city. It was coming off a record quarter of earnings thanks to brisk sales of its handhelds and new contracts for its wireless modems, but it wasn't standing still. On January 19 of that year, the company made a bold declaration: email's the future. The Inter@ctive Pager devices were excellent two-way pagers, yes, but that wasn't where the market was going -- and RIM knew that it already had a powerful framework for mobile email in play. It introduced a tight little solution called "BlackBerry," which essentially bundled a version of its Inter@ctive Pager 950 with a PC dock, a new service for synchronizing to Microsoft Exchange accounts, and optionally, a product called BlackBerry Enterprise Server geared at corporations looking to manage fleets of these devices.

Unlike the Palm VII, BlackBerry didn't try to be fancy -- no "web clippings," no huge touchscreen, no handwriting recognition, and no massive flip-up antenna. Instead, RIM's device was almost singly focused on delivering a killer email experience with a scroll wheel, relatively comfortable QWERTY keyboard, and true push service (something many other platforms are still trying to get right ten years later, interestingly). For suits who'd been sucked into the Exchange ecosystem for corporate email, BlackBerry was a brave new world -- a chance to untether -- and they came calling in droves.

And that was just the first couple months of the year. Later in 1999, RIM would release the Inter@ctive Pager 850, which expanded BlackBerry's North American footprint by bringing the technology to DataTAC networks in the US and Canada (battery life dropped from the 950's claimed three weeks to just one week, but the 850's support for rechargeable NiMH packs made it a bit more palatable). Shortly thereafter, the company announced that it would adopt Sun's Java 2 Micro Edition platform for third-party development in its devices, and -- for better or worse -- BlackBerry developers write in Java to this day.


So apparently, Formspring is what is 'next'.....

For some of you, I can see the looks on your face from here! lol http://formspring.me Don't fret. Your cool friends will start yapping about it in your timelines on Facebook/Twitter (if you are on Twitter 'cause I know some of you don't even do that yet) and you will be tempted to jump on.

So what is Formspring?

Here is their description as to what it is the site is:

Create a box where friends can ask questions anonymously. Post your responses to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook or your blog.

Sounds like fun huh? All of my friends are doing but I am probably going to hold out for awhile. If I ever even do it. I can just SEE all the issues that something like this would cause. Cats getting brave with the questions do to the anonymity aspect of it. I have seen the complaints about it flooding timelines (and soon to be Facebook feeds, you watch!). I don't know if I can clap to that with all the shit I see in my timelines/streams. So I don't understand all of that mess. We all type things that others may not want to see sometimes. It happens. Now you DO HAVE THE OPTION NOT TO HAVE IT STREAM to your Twitter/Facebook and not to answer all the questions. The only problem with the latter is that you have some people who LOVE TO START SHIT and will be asking questions they shouldn't. You don't answer and ignore it, then they step from behind the shadows..Now if they had to ask you behind the mask, then they probably shouldn't have been asking anyway and....well...you get the picture right? Okay then...You also can't see who is asking you the questions. I know how that movie ends. None for me thanks. Yes, all this could happen in other mediums. I know that. Right now, (I said right now dammit. Time will tell. Shit. You hard of hearing?) it seems a wee bit unnecessary to me. That said, I WILL ENJOY watching others do it and seeing what it is they are going to say. Let me know if you do it (are currently doing it) and how it is turning out for you. I know at least 15 people who have it RIGHT NOW. I am curious to see if what I am thinking is correct. I could be wrong. Doesn't happen often (chuckles) but I have been before. Give me some feedback for those of you who have tried it.

Personally, I get enough questions via all the outlets I have thank you. So I am all stocked up on that sorta thing over here. I do see ONE POSSIBLE way it could be used. For the blog. I would answer only questions about the blog. Not about me. I know..I know...there is NO FUN IN THAT.

AI and Co. get a team win and more highlights....

I watched the Sixers/Blazers game from the tipoff and the Sixers FINALLY were at full strength I believe. At least the whole roster was there. Some people are still finding their way back. Lou Williams and AI shared the point guard duties and both ran the offense the same way. Drive to the bucket, look to PASS FIRST and if not, keep going to the hole and get the bucket or the foul. Lou is showing a lil rust but once he gets back to where he was earlier this season, OH BOY. He did well though. AI did pretty well too. Matter of fact, there were MORE THAN FLASHES of the old AI. He was playing like himself, minus the ton of shots. Even his misses were 'bad misses'. He flat out missed maybe (maybe) three shots and his other misses were do to him getting fouled (and going to the line). Elton Brand has finally come to terms that he doesn't start but will most likely finish games and played BIG. Good effort. They are gonna need this momentum 'cause that Kings team they are about to play is on a ROLL. They won WITHOUT TYREKE last night. Should be a good game Weds. Here's a look at the game and more highlights...

An interview after the game with AI...Him and Eazy (Eric Snow) talk about Aaron Mckie being his assistant coach, his 'arthritic' knee and more..If you EVER wondered, "Just why is this cat a fan of AI's?"....listen to this interview. /span>

The Kings vs. Nuggets..First half highlights. Kings went on to win 106-101

Kevin Durant drops 40...

Top plays..Devin Harris is all these highlights..

Sunday's top plays ('Cause they weren't ready when I was posting)...and Baron Davis dominated these highlights. With good reason..

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SInce I know some of you are fans of Skillz Rap Up..

The folks over at 2dopeboyz have blessed us with this...(This is how you give FULL CREDIT btw ya'll)


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Lynching...NC man. Dead...4 SC men charged...

I don't have to say much more do I? @ those who seem to think racism is dead. Now if you know the law, it doesn't mean EXACTLY what you think it does. @ lynching. That is if you know the law. I can almost hear the plea copping from here too. @ what the law calls lynching and whatnot. Point is, someone is dead. Period. Four people took part in it.


NDIAN LAND, S.C. -- A Charlotte man has died in what Lancaster, S.C., sheriff's deputies are calling a lynch-mob attack on Christmas night.

Deputies said Ronnie Gene Wallace, 42, died after being attacked and beaten with sticks and 2-by-4 boards on Silver Mine Road in Indian Land.

Four Indian Land men -- some of whom neighbors say were distant cousins of the victim -- have been arrested and charged with first-degree lynching.

"Nobody deserves to die like that, nobody does. It's awful," said a neighbor who asked us not to use her name.

She said she saw shadows in the dirt and gravel road in front of her house around 10 p.m. Friday.

"Then I heard a lot of yelling, a lot of screaming, and I went in, got my phone, called 911, came back out, and saw him hit him in the head with a 2-by-4,” the woman said.

The neighbor couldn't tell who was holding the 2-by-4 but she knew the victim was Wallace. She had known him since their childhood in Pineville.

She saw Wallace's brother, Tommy, running up the road and then saw him kneel by his brother's side.

She said the Wallace brothers lived a few doors down from the where the suspects were gathered that day, and the two households had been fighting all day.

"The Wallace boys had been calling down, harassing the Steens most of the afternoon, and it just kind of escalated from there," she said.

Deputies came out earlier in the afternoon, but after they left the Wallaces returned to the Steens' home across the street, she said. She said the Wallaces returned home, but men came after them and the two groups clashed in the street.

Ronnie Wallace stumbled to a neighbor's yard and collapsed.

Deputies arrested four men Saturday for the attack. Steven Ray Steen, 22; Marty Player, 24; Evan Starck, 28; and Shawn Starck, 33; are all being held in the Lancaster County Detention Center with no bond.

Steen lives in the house near where the attack took place.

First-degree lynching in South Carolina is defined as an attack by a mob, which results in a death. It does not necessarily include hanging or racially-motivated hate crimes, as commonly thought.

It is punishable by death, but a judge can also sentence those convicted of lynching to five to 40 years in prison.

Tommy Wallace declined to talk about the incident Saturday when contacted at the home he shared with his twin brother, but his face was bruised from the fight.

The neighbor who witnessed it all said the melee has put the neighborhood on edge. "There's a sense of, 'How can this happen in our neighborhood with all of our kids out?' You know, my kids are in the house today."

Good job Ms. Delledonne..39 points. UD record tied..

She has been doing good but this is MORE like the effort I am sure everyone is expecting from her. Seeing as she was the #1 High Schooler in the nation just two years ago. (Fair or unfair. I think it is unfair by the way. She took a whole year off. No ball. At all.)

She dropped 39. She is averaging 23 and about 9 a game this season btw...



New music from my boy Jadin Shropshire..

Enjoy it. He has some more bangers coming soon but this is all I could share right now. Oh you have never heard of him? Get familiar then. @ all of you screaming "I need new artists to like"..


The rest of what happened..NBA

And yes, the Hollins dunk is here in better quality. Highlights first..

Sac-town showing they are no joke..Double OT. Alas, they kinda forgot to guard Kobe a bit in the second OT so...

Spurs vs. Bucks..I was interested in this one do to the speed on speed matchup. @ Parker and Jennings. I love Jennings' game but I also noticed that when it is speed on speed, he has to adjust a bit. So I am always curious to see him and another speedy guard go at it. Don't look now but JODY MEEKS is playing ball..I know my KU fans out there love that....

E.Snow throwing jabs back at ole boy during the commentary..GS vs Suns. The boy Steph with a pretty pass to Monta..

Ryan Hollins is having a helluva week...

The first dunk..

Looks like he used ole boy as a step ladder...

Eva Mendez...Russia...

Well then..Russian Elle..Have a good day. Enjoy.

If you are coming BACK to this post, this is a bonus for you..

Don't say I NEVER gave ya'll nothing...Swift.fm.

My peoples were raving about this joint. So I gave it a try. Oh this here is the truth. One of their featured users is none other than ?uestlove of the Roots. Don't know how long it is going to be around though. (You can upload whatever you want musically and that can get a little dicey. Some bigwig might fall through and either want their cut or shut it down.) Since Imeem went down though, this is it. What I like is that it is easier to download to and as long as you have your Twitter window open (or are logged in), posting what you are listening to is SUPER EASY. I am sure it is only a matter of time (if you can't already) that a posting to your Facebook is coming. Now it does send YOUR COPY of the song out to the masses so beware. If your copy of the song is beat up, that is what people will hear. It also allows you to add to the description of your song and all that happy jazz. You know what? Listen to the video for more details at the bottom. It is a lot easier to me than lala.com, which while it uploaded my library, would not play all of my songs. Either because it didn't have them on tap or for the other dreaded reason. Copyrights. Which I can respect if there is a way to download the song. Enjoy.

An Introduction to Swift.fm from Swift FM on Vimeo.

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Dude throws bike and stops thieves..


Updates for BB Storm....

Just watch the video...

No...No..No....I'm not YOU RAPPER- The Clipse

Remember when they said that? On the joint with Jadakiss? Well....Listen to the video.

I wonder if this will somehow change people's perception of them? It shouldn't. But then again, some people's perception of what is 'real' is pretty fucked up anyway. So it wouldn't surprise me in the least to hear that them having a father in their lives makes them somehow less authentic. Nevermind that their Dad was a hust....Oh never damm mind. There I go feeding into the stereotype. It shouldn't matter if the man was an electrician. This doesn't mean that they can't rap or that the stories weren't real. Just like if their father WASN'T present, that is not a 'They must not be lying' card for me either. I swear some people are idiots sometimes. @ the way they justify their thinking and hand out their 'respect'.

Not saying he is the only one but...Young Jeezy..handing out gifts

..in the hood.

I am sure that some of you will be cynical in your view of this. That is fine. 'Cause quite frankly I question some of your favorite stars motives when they do stuff too. In any event, he is giving back. That's all that really counts. If I find more examples of artists/celebs/etc doing it, I may post them up. We will see.

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Just Begun- Jay Electronica, Mos Def and the boy J. Cole.

The 'Nets are saying that one of these MC's straight blew the rest of these MCs out of the water. That's what they say anyway. Merry Christmas.


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This week's "Here's What They Think About You"(NWA)

I don't expect people to agree with Mike Vick's awarding of the Courage Award. I am WELL aware of the large contingent that feels he should be burned at the stake. That said, here are some of those people. Not the writer per say either. While I DEFINITELY don't agree with him, as he is being an ass about things, he at least is just giving his opinion and managed to keep things tongue in cheek. I am more so speaking towards some of the comments that were made on the article. It is the usual fare honestly. Not mad about it. Just pointing it out. I said my piece in the comment section too. See if you can find it if you are interested. Nothing vulgar. Very snarky though.

Enjoy the read. I know some of you agree with the author so again, I don't expect some of you to be mad about the article itself.

Newsflash people! Here's what they think about you.....They love you as long as you do what it is they want you to do and sacrifice your body for them. After it is over/you don't do what it is they want you to do/or they have a chance to knock you down a peg or four, they discredit everything it is that you do. All of the sudden, it doesn't take courage to get hit. Doesn't take courage to step out back in the spotlight KNOWING THAT THERE is a contingent out there that wasn't forgiven for their OWN TRANSGRESSIONS so they can't forgive you. The threats on your life. All of that means nothing to them because after all, you play a game. Which for some reason, makes you a role model when you are great but a cushy spoiled athlete when things go awry. Yeah..Here's what they think about you..

"According to Philadelphia Eagles players, the most courageous man on the team in 2009 was one who started the year serving time in prison for an act of extreme cowardice.

Today, the Eagles announced that Michael Vick was the 2009 winner of the Ed Block Courage Award, an honor given to a player who shows courage in the face of adversity. Vick's teammates voted for the award, thus demonstrating how tone-deaf and out-of-touch NFL players are with reality.

According to the Ed Block Courage Award Foundation Web site:

Each year, the Ed Block Courage Awards honors those National Football League players who exemplify commitments to the principles of sportsmanship and courage. Recipients are selected by their teammates for team effort, as well as individual performance.

The Ed Block Courage Award recipient symbolizes professionalism, great strength and dedication. He is also a community role model.

One recipient is selected from each NFL team, usually for things like coming back from injury, doing good work in the community or long, dedicated service to a franchise. I'd be surprised if the award's founders intended for the honor to be given to someone doing community service as part of the terms of his parole or for showing courage in the face of reporters asking legitimate questions about federal crimes.

The Eagles' vote is not only a slap in the face to the Ed Block Courage Award Foundation, but to the other 31 players who won the award for their respective teams. Some men are truly deserving of the honor, like Ravens safety Dawan Landry(notes) who was nearly paralyzed last year, but has come back in '09 with four interceptions and a touchdown or Mike Furrey(notes) of the Browns, who does extensive volunteer work in his community. Adding Vick's name to the roll makes the award seem illegitimate and meaningless.

Apparently Philadelphia players confuse Vick handling dogfighting questions and booing with a measure of class as some sort of courage. That Vick only got a chance to show this mild courageousness because of the extreme cowardice it takes to murder helpless animals isn't something that crosses their mind. They confuse Vick's desperation with some sort of integrity.

I'm all for second chances and find myself rooting for Vick to redeem himself both on and off the football field. He's served an appropriate sentence (and then some) and I see no reason for him to keep paying for his past transgressions. But I also see no reason to celebrate his character.

Michael Vick(notes) is very much a work in progress. A few years from now, I hope he will be deserving of such an honor. At this time, however, he has only just started down the path to redemption. "

Link to article

It's Been A Pleasure- Drake

There is a version with Jeezy coming soon..


The King vs. Tyreke and more.

I was a lil upset Lebron didn't end up on him earlier but he played Tyreke down the straight. 1-8 shooting by Tyreke but some nice moves. Good game. Kings are getting it together. Wonder where Kevin Martin fits in when he comes back? He dominates the ball but before that, showed he could get points on that Rip steez. (Coming off of screens and whatnot)

Ooh, Kevin and 'em beat the Suns. Alright now...

My Steph Curry almost had a damm triple double..lol But the Lewisville, NC boy did him in at the end..

D-Wade and D. Williams went AT IT! No video yet though..lol

This is the guy ya'll hype up?? @ Lupe

I normally don't rip into artists like this but this is bitchy. I do understand his frustrations about his album being linked but this shit here? Bitchy. Straight up.

And yes that is him using that login. I frequent the site so I have seen him post.

Sue me nigga. I haven't done anything but give my opinion. I don't put your music up anyway and after this bullshit display, unless it isn't your song, you might not NEVER make this blog when it pertains to your actual music. I know I won't be the only one to feel this way. I might be the only one to TYPE IT OUT and let it be known though.

No big deal you say? Sheit. He needs all the publicity he can get. Period. Yes, the Lebron/Kobe ad was dope but NOT BECAUSE OF HIM. At least not to me. KRS is what made it dope to me.

Go to the link below. Be careful though, Lupe might sue you for going in the post and commenting (on his personal life and his friends in it)..smh


Editor's Note: Lupe, if you happen to be scouring the Internet and shit and come across this: I don't think you suck but like I said on Twitter. I have forgotten more than you know so I am not impressed by any of the 'wisdom' you seem to impart on your set. So no, I am not a fan. Sorry. I do understand that you aren't 'for me' per say anyway but just like you, I CAN HAVE AN OPINION. I DARE you to pull your skirt up and threaten to sue me for voicing it. Stop showing your thong nigga. Suck it up. You got leaked. Someone LIKED IT. You idiot. You make me not want to hear your song with that bitchy ass attitude. Talking about you are gonna sue..Who are you? U2? Bon Jovi? FOH with that shit. Like you are that big. Or maybe that is why you are doing it huh? 'Cause you are not. Adjust that hipster lifestyle my nig. Like I tell all the rest of the rappers, I better not EVER hear you say you are doing this shit for 'the love' of Hip Hop and then in the same breath turn around and sue someone for leaking a single. If you REALLY LOVED IT LIKE THAT, you would be doing it for free. Before you lean on that stupid "What if it were your art?" crutch, know that I understand that anything that I do that is in demand is subject to that and I PLAN ACCORDINGLY for it. I would use it to my advantage. I probably would also be a 'little more careful' as to who was working what and where when I was recording. @ how it even got leaked to the person that you want to sue to begin with. Not that I believe anyone but YOUR camp leaked it anyway. I just think that this a case of the 'pretty girl syndrome'. Where the pretty girl leaves the house looking good trying to get the attention of certain dudes but gets mad when the ugly dudes (aka the dudes that ACTUALLY LIKE HER ASS FOR HER) pay attention to her. I don't have any cute lil rhymes for you or anything like that either. All I have is my opinion. If your goal was for bloggers/websites like me not to post the joint, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Now I don't have to decide to put up some shit that I don't like ANYWAY 'cause I know some of my younger viewers might like it. Your behavior overrides that desire to please them for me. But honestly, I don't know anyone who feels your shit like that outside of a certain set ON THE INTERNET (and my elitist friends in the barbershop who just want to be different) so you might not wanna alienate them.

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NBA Highlights from Tues....

I was a lil busy today. Forgive me. Kevin Durant was killing 'till he fouled out..

I thought I put up Sunday's highlights..Probably didn't..Here ya go...A Thabeet HIGHLIGHT! lol