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Friday, August 29, 2008

He impressed me last night...

That was a historic moment last night. Barack filling a football stadium, speaking not only to them but a packed Times Square, some other locations and the MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of people who watched on TV.

I hear a lot of people criticizing him (read: his detractors) for attacking the Repubs and playing ball like they do. I say it is about time. If he were lying, I would take an issue with it but what he said was true.

I also am not sure where (or how) the lil bit about this campaign being more about 'him' than the people came from. His whole point has been 'THE PEOPLE' could vote who they wanted and the people are tired of the old regime. Not just him by himself. He answered a call. We called for him. Maybe not all of his supporters in the beginning but those that saw him speak in 04' called out for him LOUDLY to be the one to be the one to lead that change. Every movement has a voice or a face but it is NEVER supposed to be about that face or voice. Every time he speaks he carries 'the people's' message with him in EVERY FORMAT. He speaks to those that he is trying to help.

I am also a little sick of hearing about how his ability to speak or motivate is a 'HINDERANCE' or some sh#t. People are beginning to sound like they do when a rapper/musician becomes popular over their favorite rapper/musician. They begin to try to use their appeal against them. It is not his fault he is a 'motivator' no more than it is that it isn't a Young Jeezy or Jay-Z's fault that they can motivate the people who believe in what they say. The man can speak. That is a GOOD THING. While things are in transition, which they will be in a state of flux for a minute while his programs get rolling, we will need that inspiration to keep our eyes on the big picture. Change. We need that. It is proven. We need the change but we also need our spirits kept up while change is happening.

Now are his politics/promises without flaw? Nope. Any idiot that believes that his followers are idiotic enough to believe that solely 'cause they support him are TEN TIMES THE IDIOT they believe his followers are. We aren't stupid. We know that even if he gets 8 years, he can't fix things that have been decades in the making (or ruining). That takes time. We just want to get off to a good start. That's all we want right now. I want to be well on it's way when my kids get older. @ change.

How did I know that the Repubs were going to the young lady in Alaska? @ the VP choice. There goes their 'experience' argument. Yeah...yeah..yeah..she is not running for President but she would be next in line. Then what? Oh yeah, McCain's experience can counter her inexperience. And Biden can do that for Barack. It's a draw and no longer an advantage. Sorry. None of them have been President so it is a new experience for all involved last time I checked. I see 'em trying to get a 'looker' in the office too. Don't think that wasn't factored in. If all else falls, sex appeal sells in this country and cats have been known to think with their dicks more often than their top heads. I can see that happening.

This broad thinks she is going to change McCain's mind. Peep this...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What is Shawne Merriman THINKING?

I love a dude with the guts to play through injuries. I REALLY DO. But starting off the season with torn ligaments in your knee CANNOT BE GOOD. It just can't. I could see some punk ass lineman (not all linemen are punks but every position has it's punks. Sorry..) taking one for the team with the game on the line and cut blocking the bs outta Shawne's knee.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We did it!! I know you know already

but we finally redeemed ourselves to the basketball world and won the Gold medal. I was glad the game was close personally so that we could 'earn it' a bit. Even though they were down the pg, they still boasted several NBA players that play at a pretty good level in the "L". Wade is back! You can drop the 'bronze' off of Lebron's name and Chris Paul, Chris Bosh and Kobe showed why they are the stars of their teams. The young phenom Howard was pretty impressive too. While the Fernandez dunk won't make me forget this one... ....It was still very impressive.

Good job Hillary and Bill. Way to move to the side and let Barack do Barack while still supporting him. Great speech by Hills and a pretty good one by Bill tonight. I am not unhappy with the choice of VP as he needs Biden's experience and he is not a bad politician in his own right. He can hold his own.

That Jeezy album is IMPRESSIVE. The Inspiration was a good album. The first joint, Thug Motivation was a classic of course. This one right here (The Recession)will be a classic too. Don Cannon laced Jeezy as did Shawty Red and Drumma Boy. He is still motivating but he is touching on real life subjects as well. I am sure that at this point you have heard the joint with Nas where he speaks on Obama (My President). Vacation is on point too. I believe there is a video out for that right now. (Click here to watch the video.

It is out there but this is one that you won't find me linking up. I know you will probably find it on your own but I am hoping he does Wayne like numbers (and he should) as his album is better than Wayne's (and that is saying something 'cause Wayne's was a monster in it's own right.) It has that 'no skip' factor that I look for in a album where all the songs are hot and you just put it on and let it ride.

I have not reviewed Paper Trail (T.I) in hopes that some of what I am hearing isn't the actual album. You can take that how you wanna but I only like 3 outta the 5 joints I have heard.

I keep hearing rumblings about Solange's new joint on the site I frequent but I will reserve judgment until I actually hear it. I am sure she is talented and it is fine. We will see.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fios!! Fios! Hurry up Verizon and STOP PUTTING

IT IN MY DAMM NEIGHBORHOOD. You are messing with my Internet connection dammit. On top of that, I am hearing that it is all hype. All of this trouble, it better be worth it dammit.

Because of this, I have been unable to log on consistently. Which is making this suffer a bit but there is NO SHORTAGE OF TOPICS FOR ME TO TALK ABOUT TODAY!

Let start with the death of two ICONS.

R.I.P to Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac. I am at such a loss for words that all I know to do is post of some of their work and let it speak for itself.

I am an ordinary person with an extraordinary guy- Bernie Mac


The guy that made having a bald head cool for a black man and had more talent in his pinky than most cats had in their whole head

You KNOW I AM GOING TO SEE 'SOUL MEN now. @ the movie that they are both in.

Well, well, Brett's arm is a little tired. Nobody is surprised by this as MOST QB'S arms are tired at this point and their reps are limited. Wake up out there in Jet land. Your QB is pushing 40. You can't have him out there throwing a 100 times a day yet. Ease him in. The lap thing is funny though and it is good to see him being 'one of the guys'.

Don't look now, but our men's basketball team is starting to look like a team! We still have superstars but they now accept their roles. Imagine that? And we are a lil bit bigger too at the guard spot so that helps. I swore I wasn't going to write about them until we started avenging some losses. Since we beat Greece, here I go!! We still can't hit that International Three 'cause it is a arm shot, not a leg shot but we are imposing our will. The defense is MUCH BETTER. We are turning people over at a high rate. If we can keep that up, we will win the Gold. Mr. Wade is showing his ENTIRE A## right now. He is playing like he did when they beat Dallas in the Finals. He looks healthy. Chris Bosh balled out yesterday too and I have no idea what has gotten into Lebron. He is punching shots like he is center out there. They look great.

Here is a recap of us against Greece. I love how a couple of years ago they kept saying they had 'not one professional player' knowing damm well that at least 8 of them play for top teams in Europe. Funny.

Here is a recap of us against China (Team Yao!)


Speaking of the team and Lebron...(Not 'exactly' safe for work either but eh....) I mean she isn't the 'phattest' thing I or him have ever seen but I can't be mad at him. She at least looks like she eats..

Songs of the week: All by my favorite artists. Go figure.

Universal Mind Control- Common ft. Pharrell

I Put On (Remix) ft. Jay-Z

Jockin' Jay-Z- Jay-Z produced by Kanye West

Wish You Would- Ludacris ft. T.I. ('Bout damm time they stopped all that silliness @ the beef)

Oh yeah and Madden came out. I have to say that I impressed by the fluidity of the game but the exclusion of the 'Vision Cone' as a default setting is silly. True, there is no light shining out of a person's head on the football but I can also look at the QB's head for movement to see what direction he is looking in too. Something that does not happen on this game. Oh well, the League that I help run is still using the 'Cone' 'cause if not, the games would be on the Arena Football level for real. 105-77 or some mess.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

All of that....

and they end up trading Brett Favre? They could have save us (and him) the trouble and taken that route weeks ago. There was no need for him to even come to Green Bay, for them to 'distract their team (I hate that term..), or any of the other mess that came out of this. This offer has probably been on the table since it was rumored he was coming back and they could have told Brett flat out this is what it is..Silly.

Ooh, we got tested. @ the Olympic Basketball Team. Last I checked, that was what was supposed to happen with these games wasn't it? We increased the level of comp with each game. It was SUPPOSED TO GET HARDER. Hello. That being said, we should still be expected to win and if we don't it should be a disappointment. Looks like Chris and Deron have rightfully taken Jason's spot for now but we will probably need J-Kidd's poise at some point.

More coming...Sorry about the delay. Damm you Verizon. @ the Internet interruptions in the day.

Well well well.....The collabo that I have been waiting for since "Stomp". Luda and T.I. made a song together. It took me all night to find it but I did.....

Ludacris Wish You Would ft. T.I


It is my understanding that this isn't the only song they have together that is new so I will DEFINITELY BE LOOKING FOR IT. T.I. is a favorite of my and Ludacris is definitely in my rotation so to see them bury that hatchet (even if it is for a second 'cause you know how our people do), get on the same record and do the thang is monumental in my opinion...I am a happy cat right now. For real. Now here's hoping that the BluePrint III rumors are true, Luda's, T.I's, and Jeezy albums all hit and that this trend continues...