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Monday, July 28, 2008

What to talk about today? Hmmmmmm..

We could start with that very good Team USA showing on Friday night. Lebron didn't play but I am not overly concerned about his status. The person whose status I was worried about was D-Wade's and he showed that he is on the way to being 'back'. Slashing drives. Jumpers. Steals and thunderous dunks. In addition, I didn't see any grimacing when he landed after he jumped. He looked happy and pain free. That's the REAL ISSUE. The backcourt of Williams and Paul looked like they had grown up playing with each other and they compliment each other well. I am a lil worried about the frontcourt size wise but I also know that in FIBA ball, you don't need a 'Shaq like" player to win. All those guys are usually 6-8ish to 6-11ish who can all shoot and handle. They don't usually post up too often and they move a lot so I think that we should be aight.

Here is a clip and interviews..

I know that some of you have seen this here:http://www.wowowow.com/post/wedding-lawsuit-fiance-Georgia-divorce-70358?promo=news

While I understand that she uprooted her life he paid some of her debt and she also neglected to reveal (or he didn't know) that she had even more debt. Unbelievable that they would award her that amount of money. I could see her getting her part of the money back if she chipped in but she didn't even do that. What next, people are going to be able to sue their high school sweethearts for promises made of having a 'happily ever after' during the graduation ceremony? This is ridiculous. I would love to know who some of these people on the jury are what types of mistakes they have made. Hopefully, someone sues them over something like this and then they can see how it feels.

Friday, July 25, 2008

A little bit of what I like musically...

This is the song that currently has my lil girls dancing and whatnot..I hope this dude finally blows up by the way. Kardinal Offishall

And the chick in the video? Oh boy...

Here is my West Coast track of the week: Quarterbackin' E-40 ft. the Clipse

And the East Coast joint: Big Pun ft. Black Thought Superlyrical

Of course, I have a Southern one too: Somebody (Love's You)

I sometimes the tracks will be new. Sometimes they will be old. It just depends on how I am feeling. Hell, there might even be more than one. Again, it depends on my mood.